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Uganda Christian University Chapter rejuvenated

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Recently, new chapter leaders received empowerment at United Nations Association of Uganda (UNAU) Secretariat in Ntinda, Kampala.

During  orientation of the  newly consecrated executive team from Uganda Christian University (UCU), members vowed to work timelessly in  bringing their chapter back to the map. They promised to be more involved and more active than the previous regime.

Speaking to one of newly elect, Fred Ntegyereize, the new chapter president, he said. “when you compare to the rest of the chapter of UNAU our chapter has been lagging behind, and this is simply because the previous regime was incompetent and irresponsible.” The chapter had diminishingly turned inactive and was observed not to take part in most of the youth empowerment activities that UNAU conducted during the past semesters.

Ronald Agaba, Communications  officer gave an overview of UNAU’s history and activities; UNAU is affiliated to World Federations United Nations Associations (WFUNA), all UN agencies and has an observer seat at United Nations Communication Group (UNCG) meetings .

Furthermore, he explained the activities of the association and guided the team by hinting on what the organization expects of them.

Finally, he commended the team for the good spirit and motivations displayed.

Linda Asaba, Program Officer urged the team to have a spirit of volunteerism and encouraged them to at all times contact the Secretariat for any form of assistance that may be required.

In an interactive session, the chapter leaders inquired and asked  questions for more clarification on activities and projects. This was successfully accomplished rendering the team equipped enough to go disciple for the association in their chapter. A proper handover ceremony is under way.

Mr. Baguma, UNAU General Secretary applauded the team for the great accomplishment and insisted that the cooperation displayed must prevail if the chapter is to rip success. “The greatest challenge you will find is managing yourselves.” He said.

Baguma encouraged the chapters to always invite the Secretariat for any activities they are organizing. He promised to endeavor to attend when called upon.

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