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Dispose off garbage the proper way

We really need to have appositive mindset about proper garbage disposal. It is important to learn the basic of recycling such that the waste does not end up in landfills but rather be disposed off properly.

This can be attained by sorting your garbage as you collect it. Plastics, metals, papers and certain types of glass can be recycled at your local recycling centre. This will help these items to be reused when returned to consumers.

Poor garbage disposal would hurt the environment as follows:

Soil contamination; polythene and plastics in the soil greatly hinder proper aeration of soil making it infertile. Air contamination; this happens when chemicals like dioxins and methane gasses (green house gasses) build up in ozone layer hence leading to global warming. Marine and animal life; this follows the secretion of untreated sewage that is a potential threat to marine life and all other animals that come in contact with that water. Humans; in connection to all the above, this affects man leading to many diseases like reproductive problem, liver issues and weight loss. As English saying goes that “As you lay your bed, you must be able to lie on it”

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Upcoming events

Uganda Model United Nations Conference 2017

Dates: 19th - 21st October, 2017

Venue: International University of East Africa


WFUNA Youth Seminar: UN Resolution 2250

Dates: 22nd - 24th November 2017


World Population Day 11th July 2017.

International Youth Day 12th Aug 2017.

International Day of peace 21st Sep 2017.

United Nations Day 24th Oct 2017.

Uganda Model United Nations 2017.

Human Rights Day 10th Dec 2017.

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