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Ugandan Women Challenged by custom










While Uganda has made progress in promoting and protecting the rights and dignity of women, a myriad of customary practices among the Uganda people contradict the country's laws against discrimination and violence toward women.

Law enforcement is lax and deeply rooted patriarchal traditions are slow to change. For example, the legal age for marriage is 18, but arranged marriages for girls as young as 15 are common in rural areas. Of recent enacted laws against domestic violence have done little to change women's circumstance.

It is estimated that more than half of Uganda women have suffered domestic violence at the hands of their partners. Chores are usually completed by women, with help from the children. Women work the land and fetch water in addition to cooking and doing laundry. All these tasks require hours of walking to and from fields or wells. Most women are not educated past secondary school level, thus they do not have the necessary vocational skills to enable them get better jobs.

The United Nations Association of Uganda calls upon all responsible agencies to join in the struggle to overcome these issues.

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