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Welcome to UNA - Uganda

Welcome to The United Nations Association of Uganda (UNAU). United Nations Association of Uganda is a non profit, Non-Government Organization, duly registered in Uganda. The Association is affiliated to the World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA). www.wfuna.org

The UN Association of Uganda (UNAU) works to promote the Aims, Objectives, Principles and Ideals of the UN in Uganda as enshrined in the UN Charter.

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    Human rights belong equally to each of us. They bind us together as a global community.

    Each one of us can make a difference.

    Stand up for someone’s rights today!

    Today & tomorrow we join United Nations Human Rights to celebrate #HumanRightsDay together with #UNAs4HumanRights all around the world! Join us, take action & #Standup4HumanRights! http://www.standup4humanrights.org/en/take-action.html

  • UMUN 2016 News Letter day 2

    Day two was filed with discussions from the delegates in their different caucas groups. UMUN2016 was held under three caucus groups. Each caucus group discussing and expounding on particular ways of having the youth engage with the
    Sustainable Development Goals. Caucus group 1 deliberated on Sustainable Development Goal 4(SDG4), Caucus group 2 deliberated on Sustainable Development Goal 9(SDG9) and Caucus group 3 deliberated Sustainable Development
    Goal 16(SDG16).
    All caucus groups were joined by a variety of observers who were interested in listening to the ideas developed and resolutions formed.
    By David and Isaac
    Press and Communication

    For information click http://www.unauganda.org/attachments/130_UMUN%202016%20Newsletter%20day%202.pdf

  • UMUN 2016 News Letter First Day

    Welcome to UMUN 2016

    Honourable delegates, you are most welcome to the 8th Uganda Model United Nations 2016 General Assembly (UMUN-2016). This is a lifechanging experience that the youth should embrace. It prepares us to fit in the global village. The Sustainable Development Goals which will be discussed in the Uganda Model United Nation2016 are the guiding pointers. You are all encouraged to actively engage in UMUN- 2016. Enjoy the 8th Uganda Model United Nations, LET THE YOUTH ENGAGE. Linda Asaba Director of Operations, UNAU

    Linda Asaba-Director of Operations, UNAU

    For more information click; http://www.unauganda.org/attachments/129_UMUN%202016%20Newsletter%20day%201.pdf


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Upcoming events

World Population Day 11th July 2017.
International Youth Day 12th Aug 2017.
International Day of peace 21st Sep 2017.
United Nations Day 24th Oct 2017.
Uganda Model United Nations 2017.
Human Rights Day 10th Dec 2017.

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